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Bible Application

The mission of Christian Education, now known as Bible Application, is to develop a curriculum, taught by competent teachers, equipped to serve effectively, using up to date materials and approaches designed to support all ministry levels.

The vision of the Christian Education, now known as Bible Application, ministry is to provide a focus of instruction on Biblical teachings that ensures people of all ages, children to adulthood, will gain a personal relationship with Christ as Lord and Savior, practice godly living, and learn the principle of service to Christ and the church.

Children of God (C.O.G)

The mission of C.O.G is to holistically develop and train children by promoting spiritual growth, personal development and community involvement.

The vision of the C.O.G. is to prepare future leaders as productive Christians.

Faith in Action (Outreach Ministry)

Faith in Action is committed to building relationships, sharing the love of Christ, and creating a civic awareness of events concerning our community residents.

The vision of Faith in Action is to build relationships within our community.


The mission of Legacy is to help other young adults find God, grow their faith and discover their purpose and make a difference in their communities.

The vision of Legacy ministry is where faith and Real Life come together to develop a
legacy of Loving and Serving God.

Member Care Ministry (M.C.M)

The mission of MCM is committed to meeting the needs of APC members during the most critical times in their lives by providing personal ministry.

The vision of M.C.M is to
express the love, care and concern of Pastor Bill and Lady Kellen.

Women of Virtue (W.O.V)

The mission of Women of Virtue is educate, empower, encourage and engage women ages 30 and up.

The vision W.O.V is to become a community of productive women who demonstrate God's love.

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